Hi, I’m Charlie Moss and I write Bluestocking Salon to help raise up women who photograph and inspire those who want to improve their own skills.

I first started dreaming about this website a few years ago when I was studying History of Art and I realised that photography was in danger of becoming like traditional art with female voices left largely unheard. This would be criminal in a discipline where some of its earliest pioneering practitioners were women and so the seed was planted and the idea eventually came to fruition.

I’ve been a photographer and journalist professionally for about a decade now and in that time I’ve had my pictures and words published in print and online around the world. I’ve also completed a Masters by Research thesis that was thirty thousand words on the subject of how we can empower women as artists by finding new mediums for them to work with! I am passionate about breaking down the barriers that can confront women when they try to practice as photographers so that women like you and I can have long and successful careers and hobbies.

A Bluestocking was an educated, intellectual women in the 18th-Century. The original Bluestockings were members of the Blue Stockings Society, an informal social group in England which encouraged literary discussion – a radical step away from the non-intellectual activities that women were supposed to pursue! Later it became a kind of insult used by men and aimed at women who had become “above their status” educationally.

The word Salon in the art world comes from the informal meetings that were conducted for both learning and enjoyment. These gatherings were intended to increase the knowledge of participants through conversation. Later on Salon became the term for the official art exhibitions of the Acad̩mie des Beaux-Arts in Paris and this usage has spread around the world to art exhibitions since Рincluding photography exhibitions.

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