About This Blog

Hey! Great to see you here right at the beginning. My name is Charlie, and I’m a photography journalist from Oxfordshire in the UK. For years now I’ve been writing for various photography magazines and web outlets but what I’ve always wanted to do was have my own site where I could blog about the challenges faced by women in the photographic industry today.

And there are a unique set of challenges faced by women in the industry. They range from not being taken seriously because people expect a photographer to be a man, to having to work part time because you’re also expected to raise your family.

But against these odds there are thousands of women out there who have overcome these hurdles in order to become incredible photographers. And that’s what this blog is about – raising up fellow female photographers and sharing our unique vision as women.

My hope is that you, my reader, will grow with me over time. That we’ll learn together about the history of women photographers and artists, about the politics surrounding our career and hobby, and indeed about the fundamentals of photography itself. I want us to build a creative community on Instagram where women support other women. And I want to put female role-models in front of young women who aspire to be photographers.

I hope to kick this blog off properly in March, so if you want to be featured please tag the bluestockingsalon page on Instagram or DM me an email address there. You can also email me on charlie@bluestockingsalon.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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